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UFO above Moscow


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18 February 2007.

Moscow. Russian Federation                                    


At about 18:00 I glanced through my window and saw a bright unmoving spot of light (object) in the sky above Maryino district.                

The object stood in one place for some time, than disappeared and reappeared in other place, not far from the original. Soon, another object appeared not far from the first one, and approached it. Two objects merged and disappeared.

Soon after, three objects appeared one by one. They repeatedly appear, hang in place, move, merge, spread apart and disappear. All that actions happened slowly, on a relatively small area, about 10-15 degrees above the horizon.                                      

The skies where still bright enough, no clouds where present, but I could not detect any solid objects behind the lights, they simply looked like a yellow fireballs.

During the movements of the objects, there was no trace of smoke trail or gas jet behind them. Objects moved in linear trajectory, at constant speed, without difficult maneuvers.


Around 18:30 all objects disappeared. At about that time the evening sky became very dark.


20 minutes later I glanced at my window again, and saw the same picture. One, than two objects appeared, moved and disappeared in the night sky. They made it again and again.

 Beside one of the objects appeared the chain of four small red lights, for a short time (around 30 seconds) .

 Additionally, there where some object consisting of single and one/two smaller lights connected together.



There where also some small, flashing beacons, from aircrafts, which flied in and out of Domodedovo airport.


At about 19:00 two objects approached each other, merged, than continued their movement in opposite directions. The third similar object appeared beside them. Three objects formed a triangle. Slowly, triangle started to spin. 

 The spinning continued for some time, than one object moved far away, and the remaining two merged into one. The resulting two objects continued to move for some time than disappeared permanently. It happened around 19:15


There was one another man beside me, who saw the same things. All that I seen, and described was also captured in photo and video. I made more than 100 photos and some video clips.

Original photos taken in 23041728 resolution, video clips recorded in 320200, 30fps.


Please see more compressed photos in this album.

Version of album for brousers that does not support frames.


My observations correspond very well whith following events:

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Sulyagin E.E. 2007